Original hot chili potato chips since 1984. Its taste has not only "Hot" but also mixed delicious meat and vegetable flavor.

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Tasty potato chips with good balance of sweetness and sourness serving new vigor and relaxation to ones who have it, popular among women.

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Potato Chips

Made from only domestic grown potato. We keep "good taste" and "good quality" of our products since the foundation of Koike-ya, and had launched "Nori-shio" as familiar taste with Japanese people in 1962.

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Japanese-born corn snack with crunchy and crisp texture, This rich taste attracts many people.

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Authentic Mexican snack with rich corn flavor made from whole grain.
Everyone can enjoy the taste that suit Japanese people.

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"Polinky" has mesh pattern and triangular shape, having crisp texture and mildly sweet corn taste.

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Our Product in Overseas



Based on the popular “KARAMUCHO” brand, which is famous for “Why such spicy potato chips taste so good?”, we also develop variety of local flavored potato chips such as hot chili, spicy nori and prawn black pepper. Furthermore, we are manufacturing and selling our unique, delicious products. For instance, “SUPPAMUCHO”, “POTE NO WA”(fabricated potato), and corn brand, etc.

Hong Kong / Macau / China

Hong Kong, Macau and China

In addition to Koike-ya's main brand of ”KARAMUCHO”, “DEMAE ICCHO” chips and “CUP NOODLES” chips have been sold as original products of Nissin Koike-ya Foods (China & HK) Co., Ltd..



“KARAMUCHO”, produced and sold in Thailand, is more spicy than that in Japan. These products have been very popular with Thai consumers, who are used to spicy foods.

Malaysia / Singapore

Malaysia and Singapore

In the local market, “KARAMUCHO” & Koike-ya potato chips brand have been sold.

The United States / Canada

The United States and Canada

“KARAMUCHO” & Koike-ya potato chips brand have been sold to not only Asian customers but also local US and Canadian customers. Those products have been highly evaluated by local consumers.



As of summer in 2016, we have started producing and selling potato chips in Europe. The authentically Japanese refined taste and package design for the new “Potechi” product have been well appreciated by many consumers in this market.




KOIKE-YA, Japanese snack food manufacturer, produces and sells snacks and health foods.
It had made first success of mass production for potato chips in Japan, and had developed a number of unique, original brands such as “KARAMUCHO” and “SCORN.”
Now we challenge developing new material, new package and new market that can innovate current food culture.

Company name KOIKE-YA Inc.
Business activities manufacturing and sales of snack foods and health foods
Head Office 5-9-7 Narimasu, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 175-0094, Japan
TEL +81 3 3979 2115 (Main)
Representative Takashi Koike
Capital 2,269 million yen
Sales 32,430 million yen (FY ending June 2016)